Your Italian Music

Your Italian Music

The new trend that we are increasingly facing between those who decide to marry is to have to their wedding musicians who are capable of covering all types of music.
An excellent solution to entertain their guests and get them through a day to the insignia of fun and happiness. The choice is sometimes difficult, but there are real professionals, able to transform a marriage in a really unforgettable moment .

" Matrimoni e Musica "offers you a wide range of music services for the marriage:

Music for the Church
-Organ and soprano
-Harp and violin
-String Quartet
-Gospel choir

Music for the aperitif
-Dee Jay Set ambient music
-Duo Sax and singer
-Trio Sax-singer and guitar
-String Quartet music for the reception
-Pianobar with Italian and international songs
-Trio live Jazz Quartet
-Dee Jay  revival and international music

-Gospel choir
-Italian songs with singer and mandolin
-International karaoke
-Dancers of Latin American
-Tango Argentino dancers
-Flamenco dancers
-Dancers of  modern-dance
- Belly dancers
-Animation for children
-Baby sitter

Send us a mail to, we will build with you your marriage in details, from the Church to the reception. We are also available to travel abroad.

Want a council on how to organize the music for your marriage? Here are some examples.......
For the Church the magic of the Harp sound combined with the melody of the Violin, the String quartet, or the Gospel Choir....
For the Aperitif the String quartet or the Sax with the Singer... for your Party the  Pianobar duo or the Dee Jay that will make your guests dancing.

Why choose "marriages and Music" artists? The answer is simple, because their experience, together with preparations collected in years of studies and commitment, make them Real Professionals, with the guarantee to transform to perfection the reception of marriage in a unique event.

The ingredients for the success of a good feast are few, is up to us to put them together well, the wide knowledge of our artists lead us to discover and satisfy any request and  need, so that the day of your marriage could turn into the most beautiful day of your life...
Wedding is a serious thing..... seriousness and professionalism are our motto.... let us think of the music think of the rest... !!